Sunday, February 14, 2021

1st level support definition

If there is something strange in your area? What if something strange and unattractive? If you see things going through your head? An invisible man lying on your bed? Who will you call? … What if you need to set your password, the printer doesn't work, you can't upgrade your adobe browser, you can't access the internet or your computer is cold? Who will you call? Empowering people ?! No! Thank you, Ray Parker, but otherwise you will call the help desk.


As you already know, and I hope you know, the help desk is an important part of customer service. These are superheroes who solve problems for your customers who are probably very frustrated. Solving your customer's problems, ASAP, greatly increases customer satisfaction, will have a positive effect on future sales. In other words, having a good help desk service affects the life of your company. Frequently available with a toll-free number, the help desk help is now using the website to support customers through chat tools and websites.

1st level support definition

Often, companies start using a single customer support system: a single communication platform to deal with queries or problem solving. However, as the company grows they tend to need more than one step at a time. This means they are going to a multi-level support system.


For example, if you are selling project management software to businesses, you may receive questions such as, forgetting my username and password, what do I do? Or, how do I deal with a time-consuming bug on the iPad? In the latter case, you need professionals to solve this problem problem. As in the first case, a very simple question about usernames and passwords would not require a designer. When you place the right wheels on your help desk, it helps to distribute support tools to meet customer needs.

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