Sunday, February 7, 2021

job desk staff engineering

Many so-called job descriptions try to incorporate performance expectations - quantity, quality, timeliness and cost criteria - with defined performance standards. Some companies have adopted these performance-oriented descriptions in order to improve the value of their job descriptions. But performance criteria - ways of measuring one's work are not part of the job design and are therefore best left for a specific performance appraisal tool - perhaps attached to the job description but separate from it.


It is especially common to practice personal skills and the necessary skills, abilities and knowledge in the job description.

job desk staff engineering

This is vital to getting the right people for the job, but it is a description of the type needed for the job and not job descriptions. Again, there can be considerable excellence in linking the personal information to the job description, but the distinction between the job description and the personalities should be clear. They are not the same thing.


A relatively recent development that adds to the confusion in writing job descriptions is to incorporate skills, knowledge and abilities that one should become proficient at work. This practice has a useful purpose - to show current or potential employees how they can expect progress during their work, which helps to chart the career change path - but that information should not be condensed into the job description. A special document with the job description can help to clarify.

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