Sunday, February 21, 2021

jobs in computer engineering field

Software engineers are very popular not only in India but also abroad. Most of the best software companies in the US have software engineers from India. Due to the interest of this work in the United States, computer engineering courses are the most popular. There are various positions not only in software companies, but in every organization / field in which technology is used. System Analyst, eCommerce analyst, ERP Analyst, Design Architect, Data Analyst with years of experience in senior positions.

jobs in computer engineering field

Today Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Management are in high demand. It is predicted an estimated 2.3 million AI projects will be created by 2030. Robot programmers, machine learning researchers, video game programmers will be expected in the next decade. Other areas that are in high demand are data mining and Data analytics, data miners will be very popular in the labor market. Software registration participants can earn about Rs 6lakh p.a. earn, and software engineers with about 5-10 years experience in the range will earn 10-15 lakh. Top companies pay about 15-25 lakhs to senior executives. Programmers in the US can earn about $ 85000 to $ 135000 per year. Hardware engineers will earn about $ 100000- $ 125000 in the US and about Rs 300000 / - up to Rs 500000 / - at the beginning of their careers.

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